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Upcoming New Recording with Martin Gilmore

My good friend Martin Gilmore and I sat down recently for a couple days in a home in Boulder, CO and recorded a bunch of new music. I’ve played with Martin for the past 10 years in Long Road Home and have best friends and musical cohorts during that time. Recently Martin got the opportunity to spend a year in Egypt with his wife, who will be teaching music at an international school there. We decided that we *had* to record a bunch of new stuff before he left the country until next summer.  We’re both pretty excited with the results so far, and can’t wait to share it all with you!

We recorded a couple videos during the session, which will also be released periodically this year. Here’s the first of those, Wynonie Harris’, “All She Wants To Do Is Rock”

New Music Posted


Summer has been busy so far with an 11 day trip with Long Road Home playing festivals in Pueblo, Gettysburg, teaching a week long camp in Pagosa, and various other music related activities.  In between all of that I managed to finally get some new music posted . . . My solo record, which I released in high school, is now available through my website.  While it feels a bit like an embarrassing photo from my childhood, it is something that I am proud of and feel like it captures a period in time quite nicely.  I also posted a couple solo fiddle tunes that I recorded on my own this week.  They aren’t meant to be an example of brilliant fiddle playing; just a showcase of the tunes as well as the instrument that they were recorded on.  If you’re interested, you can find those here.

I’m trying to figure out the nuts and bolts that will be required in creating a new format for offering instructional materials online, and hoping that I will be able to start posting things of that sort in the very near future.  Head over to the contact page and drop me a line if you have any ideas of things that you would be interested in hearing me cover regarding fiddle playing / music in general.  The idea is to start with a couple fiddle tune melodies and show how I would expand upon them and turn them into more interesting musical statements.  For a low price you would be able to download a recording of me playing the tune, rhythm tracks to practice with, slow examples, segments broken down for easier learning, PDF files of sheet music, and possibly a video or two of explanation and teaching.

This Sunday I am getting together with Martin Gilmore (Long Road Home) and spending the day beginning recording on a duo album.  We’re hoping to get that finished up and released sometime this summer.  Check back for some sneak previews as well as photos and such.

– Justin

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