While there are many video chat services available on the internet these days (Skype being the most well known example), my favorite platform for teaching lessons is the service that Google offers through their mail client, Gmail.  The image seems to be better quality, and the performance is smoother over a wider array of internet speeds and browsers.  Google also has a very user friendly interface, which minimizes lesson time that is spent troubleshooting problems with the video.  I am willing to teach lessons using other programs like Skype, but would urge you to take your lessons over Google to get the most out of our time together.

Do you have a Gmail account?  If you do, look below and make sure that you have Google Talk installed for your Gmail account.  It’s completely free and very simple to install.  If you *don’t* have a Gmail account, click on the image below and get signed up for that.

After you have made sure that you are signed up for a Gmail account, click the image below to help you install Google’s video and voice chat feature, which you will be able to access directly through your Gmail account.  Follow the directions in the installer, which are very easy to understand and follow.