Offering lessons in . . .

  • Fiddle / violin
  • Electric Violin
  • Mandolin
  • Guitar
  • Tenor Guitar
  • Music Theory
  • Improvisation
  • And more . . . just ask about what you’re interested in and we’ll go from there

I have a passion for teaching and try to fit in as many students as my schedule will allow for.  I am available for lessons in person (in the Boulder area) or via the internet.  I am well versed in and able to offer instruction in a variety of styles, including Bluegrass, Old Time, Rock and Roll (electric violin), Classical, and many other niches.  I also have offered lessons and classes on the more technical aspects of music like general improvisation and music theory.  Let me know what your goals are and we will create a plan that will work for you!

 *Are you a classical violin player looking to fiddle?*

Coming from a classical (Suzuki) upbringing, I know that the transition to fiddle and improvisation can be a daunting one.  Together we can explore those areas and reveal that you already have many of tools that you will need.  I have lots of experience working with classical students who are stuck with sheet music and wanting to expand their horizons.  I guarantee that within hours we will open your eyes to a whole world of possibilities on your instrument that you didn’t know you were capable of!

*Skype Lessons*

If you have a webcam and a reliable internet connection, Skype lessons might be for you . . . We now have the ability to have a face to face lesson no matter where you are located.  The most common method is over Skype (found here), but we can set up lessons over just about any video messaging service (I happen to really like the Google Talk software that can be accessed right through your Gmail account).

 *Get in touch!*

If you are interested in taking lessons or would like any further information, please Email me at or message me through the website HERE.